Taking Christ Worldwide

Apostle Theron W. Brown Sr. was born in Dayton, Ohio to Deacon Clarence and Ora Brown. Throughout his younger years, he faithfully attended Mt. Moriah Baptist Church. After some time, he had a spiritual encounter that strategically aligned his path with Apostle George R. Scott. Apostle Scott was the founder and Pastor of Jesus Church of Dayton, OH, which later changed to Christ Worldwide Church.

For 14 years, Apostle Brown faithfully labored at Christ Worldwide Church in many capacities. He served as Minister of Music, Choir Director, a licensed Minister, and an Assistant Pastor. This dedication to Godly beliefs and the ministry opened a door for him to begin to nurture a sister church in Florence, Alabama. He commuted from Dayton, OH to Florence, AL for over 8 months to oversee the ministry and relocated his family to Florence in 2002.

He was ordained as a Bishop in 2007 and then as an Apostle in 2014 by his spiritual father Apostle Scott of George R. Scott Ministries and his local covering Apostle Kobee Fitzgerald of Ekklesia Ministries (Sheffield, AL). He now presides, as Senior Pastor/Overseer of Christ Worldwide Ministries of Florence, AL and is received in covenant relationship with the 7000 More Fellowship under the leadership of Apostle Halton Horton of Daystar International Ministries (Douglasville, GA).

Apostle Theron Brown is an impactful leader that exemplifies Godly standards and serves God’s people with wisdom and fatherly insight. His reach extends far beyond the pulpit and touches the daily needs of the people in love, commitment, and prayer. His apostolic teaching provides foundational guidance for many and unites him in covenant as a spiritual father to Pastor Ralph and DeeDee Thompson of Solid Rock Ministries (Florence, AL), Pastor Chris and Christal Smith of Simply Amazing Ministries (Athens, AL), Pastor Cheryl Glen of Greater Judah International Church (Dayton, OH), and Dr. Welcome of Family House Ministries (Johannesburg, South Africa).

He continues to travel throughout the world preaching and teaching the word of God with a powerful prophetic and healing mantle. He receives many documented testimonies of God healing people young and old of life afflicting diseases and disorders. His prophetic gift has encouraged, uplifted, and changed lives.

Apostle Theron Brown is married to Pastor Tracy Brown and is the loving and proud father of ten children.