Taking Christ Worldwide

Tracy LaShan (Scott) Brown, was born in Dayton, Ohio to Alfonza and Sandra Scott and was a faithful member of Ebnezer Baptist Church. Eventually, she became a member of Christ Worldwide Church under the leadership of Pastor (Prophet ) George R. Scott. She received a call to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and was licensed in 1989. As a licensed minister she assisted at the Jesus House For Women and The Jesus House for Men preaching and teaching the word of God to those that were homeless, abused, drug addicts, alcoholics, and need the presence of God in their lives.

As a widowed mother, she continued to work diligently in the ministry bringing her children up in the way of The Lord. In 1999, she underwent neck surgery, which left her paralyzed. With the help of her family, prayers of her church family, and her faith in God, she walked miraculously out of a paralytic state. She was soon walking down the aisles of the church, joining hand in hand, in holy matrimony to Pastor Theron W. Brown Sr. the Assistant Pastor of Jesus Church. Their marriage was uniquely designed with her 3 children, and his 6 that he had full custody of from his former marriage. A year after marriage they added child number 10 to their union, which made them a 12 member family.

In 2002, Tracy Brown relocated to Florence, Alabama with her children and husband. He was ordained as a Bishop and became the Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ Worldwide Ministries. In loving support, Tracy L. Brown walks along side of her husband as Co- Pastor. She diligently oversee the Women’s Ministry, Children Ministry, and Reality Ministry. Pastor Tracy is a teacher, spiritual counselor, and a creative writer that brings the word of God to life through plays and musicals. She is committed to advancing the kingdom and taking the message of Jesus Christ worldwide!